U10 Rangers

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Manager Assistant Manager
Name: Danny Bell
Mobile: TBC
Email: dannybell1973@yahoo.co.uk
Name: Cormac Donnelley
Mobile: TBC
Email: TBC

Team News

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  • March 11, 2014


    Match 1 –

    This was a great game and both teams were very even, Gilbert scored for us in the first half but the Vikings got one back with a penalty in the 2nd half.

    Full time score 1-1, MOTM Samuel

    Match 2 –

    This was a really great game and every one of our players played brilliantly, a goal from Leo and then first goals from Thomas C and Jack – well done boys!!!! Some great defensive clearances from Roan, Donny worked really hard all over the pitch and Frank kept a clean sheet.

    We won 0-3 , we needed lots of MOTM trophies for this game, but it went to Roan who was brilliant.

    Overall a great morning, and lots of proud parents and coaches!!! Well done boys!!



  • Davenham Rangers V Macclesfield Boys 18th January January 21, 2014


    Match 1

    Great team performance – Connor making some good runs, Samuel put in so much effort he was covered in mud by the end and Tyler made some good saves in goal. We lost 0-3 ( I think!) but we played well.

    MOTM: Tyler

    Match 2

    Another great team effort, it was a very close game each time we scored they got one back, but despite them nearly equalising in the last minute of the game, we won 3-2.

    Great goals by Leo and Gilbert and some good tackles by George and defending by Callum.

    MOTM: George

    We were just glad to play as it was very wet and muddy, much amusement when George, Callum and Gilbert all had to be carried off when they lost a boot in the mud!


  • Match Report: Davenham Rangers V Vale J Vikings 4th January January 8, 2014

    Match 1

    What a start to the New Year, we were like a new team and a very good one too! We passed, we tackled and we scored goals – lots of them!! Great performances by Leo and Gilbert who scored 5 goals each I think ( although I may have lost count). A great team performance.

    Man of the Match: Leo ( but we could have done with lot of trophies for this game!)

    Result: 10 -1!

    Match 2

    Another great team performance, with some great saves in goal by Samuel. ( I wasn’t there for this game but I’m told all the boys did really well)

    Man of the Match: Samuel

    Result 0 -0

    Well done boys!


  • December 2, 2013

    Match Report: Grappenhall Sports V Davenham Rangers

    Match 1

    In the first half we just didn’t look like we were going to score, Grappenhall Sports meanwhile were having no such problems! . Leo came to our rescue in the 2nd half and scored 2 great goals, which raised our spirits!!

    Oliver made some great saves so the score line could have been far worse, we ended up losing 6-2.

    Man of the Match: Oliver

    Match 2

    A great team effort but again we lost, this time 6 -1. Gilbert scored and Frank made a great effort.

    Man of the Match: Frank

    Looking forward to next week – well done boys, you all played really well.



Home Pitch – Laburnham Road Playing Fields, Davenham

Matches played Saturday, 10.30am Kick-off.

Please note, all parking for Laburnham Road is to be at the Bulls Head Pub, Davenham.

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